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Auto Detailing Products

Auto-detailing is becoming more of a science these days. Car Care used to be about grabbing the hose and a sponge and going for it.

Car detailing is about getting your car looking it's best and preserving your automobile's finish. It's not only about shine, but also about protecting your car from UV rays, which can damage the paint and make your car's paint fade.

Don't use wax!

Wax used to be the method of choice but a scientific breakthrough has created a new breed of car exterior protectant that creates a lasting shine. Wax will wash off after only 25 washes whereas the product from 5starshine is still going strong for over 150 washes.

That's because it doesn't contain wax. It actually has a US patent and is used by the US Navy to protect their radar towers.

I recommend it.

Check it out here.

5 Star Shine - Never Wax Your Car Again!