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Bad Credit Car Loans - What Are They? 

Bad Credit Car Loans are just like any other car loan. Since the advent of credit reporting agencies a lot of decent people have been unable to obtain credit for a car loan.

Bad Credit Car Loans came about for this reason. They do not really exist for people who never intend to pay.

The idea is that you get a loan at a higher interest rate. This makes it profitable for the company to give you the loan, and you still get your loan.

You must be very careful in selecting a company. One thing to check for is if you can refinance at a later date or if they will put the interest down based on a good payment history. 

The strategy I recommend is to get a loan and then make sure you pay it by the due date. Then you can refinance with another company based upon good payment history.

So a bad credit loan can then turn into a good credit loan.


Nice eh?

If you want to get a free credit report check out e-loan - look under the credit reports tab.

P.S They also have some products that can help if you are credit impaired.


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