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Why I wrote this book? I see people all the time selling their cars to car dealers, and getting thousands less than their cars are worth. When they do sell it privately; they sell it too cheaply out of desperation. I wrote this book so that you would have the knowledge that will give you the choice as to how you want to sell your car. So that you wonít feel desperate and have that horrible feeling when you just kissed thousands of dollars of your hard earned cash good bye.

I have taken all the major mistakes people made and the problems that they run into and I have solved them in this book. Here are the techniques that I use and possibly others who are successful use. There are other finer points perhaps but my goal is to get you to a level where you can sell your car with confidence not to turn you into a medal winning pro.

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My goal for you.

If I can help you get you a few hundred more or a few thousand more, if I can help you sell your car more easily, with less headache then this book has achieved itís goal. One or two facts alone in this book could be all you need to turn your sale into a success.

It is amazing but I usually find that the sale depended upon one or more of these pieces of information that I will give you - routinely and without fail. So one could possibly say that they are the rules of the game. Itís good to know the rules if you want to play.

If you know how to do something itís easy

If you follow the steps in this book you will be able to sell your own vehicle to a private individual, who will be happy with the sale - for a price you are happy with.

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