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There is no way I can cover technical details about how to fix cars yourself. There are resources on the net if you wish to spend the time doing this. The following information will help you get the idea of what you should be aiming for. For more specific information you can research the net or use an automotive professional.

(You may have to do additional research at this point to determine repair costs or part costs)

Lets look at the purpose of this step.

Purpose: To prepare your car to get the best return

Now, notice I did not say to get the highest price. The reason for that is that you could SPEND a lot of money on your car and increase the sale price a little but you never get the money you spent back.

You canít make a silk purse from a sowís ear.

At least not without spending a bundle

So donít try.

Your aim should be to repair what is inexpensive only.

* Do not waste your money putting a new engine in your car Ė hoping to sell it for a higher price. Instead sell it to someone who knows how to put an engine in and let him pay for it. Itís all about finding the right buyer. This is called selling your car Ďas isí.

* Get the car in the best condition you can for the least money.

If it were missing a few knobs here and there Ė then these would be worth buying cheaply from a spare parts dealer because for the small outlay it gives a more complete look to the vehicle.

* Make sure that all the electrics work Ė the radio, air conditioner and speedometer Ė these are easily tested by a buyer and give off very bad warning signals if they are not operational.

If everything works on your car and the body is in great condition then you just need to clean it.

Cleaning Time

Always clean your car thoroughly. Use upholstery and carpet shampoo to get marks out. Donít forget the luggage compartment. Vacuum your car very well. It is a good idea to clean the engine bay if it is particularly dirty.

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