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If you donít want to do this work then you can get your car detailed reasonably inexpensively. I would recommend this if you have a very high priced vehicle to sell, as it is a good investment in terms of return.

Think how you would respond if you climbed in to a dirty car. How would you feel about the owner? You are not aiming for perfection here Ė just to give a sense that the car has been cared for.


Unpleasant odours are very off-putting. Humans react very strongly to smells. Your car could be otherwise perfect but if it smells unusual you will lose the sale. Damp smells are a giveaway to leaks.

* Pull out the ashtray if you smoke and wash it. Do not use it from now until you sell the car and do not smoke in your car from now on * Vacuum and shampoo interior, which will remove a lot of odour that gets, trapped in dust and dirt particles. * Use a professional odour eliminator such as Nilodor. Do not spray any weird smelling odour sprays just before you sell it because they are a big turn off. * If you can air your car out on a good sunny day this will help.

What to do if you have a major fault

Do do all the previous steps. Find out exactly what needs to be done from a mechanic. Get a few quotes. (If you are covered by insurance it may be worth your while to get it done depending on the conditions of your insurance.)

While you are there find out if that is all that is wrong with it. If you do intend to sell it to a dealer Ė donít use the dealerís mechanic because they may join up together. Use your own mechanic. Then you will know if the dealer is offering you the best price.

You now have an actual dollar figure for the repair.

When you advertise your car you will mention this fault in your advertisement. This serves a secondary purpose. You have been upfront. Now the buyer will trust you ahead of everyone else.

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