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You will not be able to sell your car for as much obviously but what you need to way up is if I spend the money on this repair will I get it back again.

Usually you will not. So unless your insurance will cover it what you want to do is sell your car to someone who can fix it.

There are buyers around who do have mechanical skills and provided there is only or two things wrong with your car they will buy it from you.

There are also buyers who are prepared to get a car repaired. It may have a very good body but need a new clutch. Simply reflect that in the price you charge by subtracting the cost of a clutch from the sale price that you determine.

Dont make the mistake of thinking that a mechanical fault means your car is worthless. It is not it is simply a matter of getting it fixed if you know what the fault is and the price to get it fixed you will not end up selling your car too cheaply.

It is a natural human reaction to want to get rid of broken things

So dont fall into this trap be rational about it. All you take off the price is the repair cost and nothing more.

I do not encourage deceiving buyers in any way all I am trying to do is teach you how to get the most for your car.

Now you can set the price!

You are going to price your car in the top range of prices for cars advertised for private sale.

Cars sold by dealers will always be priced more highly since they guarantee good title and give a warranty.

By now you should have worked out the range of prices, you should know what type of car you have and its condition.

Build yearly registration costs into the price. Most states have yearly costs to keep a car on the road. If you have 12 months already paid then reflect that in your price. If your car has 12 months registration paid, then it worth more than a similar car with only a few months.

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