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I will cover this in advertising, which is the next section

Additional Notes on Pricing

Don’t be afraid of setting your price high!

A high price communicates that your car is valuable

Too low a price hints that there is something wrong with it. If there is a fault with your car and you are going to sell it more cheaply, mention the fault in the ad.

Buyers will respect you if you are upfront and they will do business with you.

One of the reasons they are buying from you believe it or not is that they don’t trust car dealers – so don’t act deceptively.

Value is different from price The best buyer for your car is someone who will get a lot more value from your car than the price he pays. He will gladly pay the higher price if your car will give him value. That is why I got you to list the benefits of your car. So you will know when you have found your ideal buyer.

Set your price high – you can always bring it down.

Buyers never pay more than the price you start with

If you want to sell it for $4000 then you must advertise it more, say $4500. This is the negotiating margin – you must build that into the price.

There is a ratio between the number of calls you will receive and the price.

* If you set the price too high you will not get any calls.

* If you set it too low you are selling it too cheaply and throwing your money away – I don’t want you to do this. It is often just as easy to sell it for a good price as it is too throw it away cheaply – in fact you often have much less trouble with the buyer if he pays good money for it.

All right, well done – you should now have an idea about the price you are going to advertise your car for. The next sections will cover how to get that price or as near to it as possible.

If your car needs a major repair consider selling it “as is” for a lower price

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