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Congratulations! You have done the hardest part.

Now we are going to deal with advertising. I want to cover a few basics first that you should know.

Purpose: The purpose of advertising here is NOT to sell.

The purpose is to get a qualified buyer to call

One reason is that it is very hard to sell a physical item without the buyer seeing it. By trying to sell on the phone you can lock yourself in to a position to early.

How to use this law

Everything in your advertisement and the limited space you have must have something to do with achieving the product of the person telephoning or emailing you.

You want a qualified buyer and not time wasters. This is why you include details in your advertisement such as:

* Make

* Model

* Year of manufacture

* Mileage

* Special features

* Your suburb

* Your price.

By including these details:

* You will not get calls from time wasting buyers making whole sales process much more enjoyable. * You are being helpful to someone looking for a car. It creates a positive impression

* You are coming across as open. Omitting vital detail makes it look like you are hiding something.

I know its obvious but make sure you list a phone number that you can be reached on.

Even More Advertising points:

If your car is in excellent condition then say so. If not its best not to mention it. If it is in especially good condition then definitely say so.

Mention Options

Include 1 or 2 features your car has. Definitely mention air conditioning, power steering or other electric options. Mention sunroofs. All these things are highly desirable.

In the short space that you have your aim should be to differentiate your car from any other in the paper and hint at why it is the high price that you are selling it for. You want to start building value from the beginning.

How to separate your car positively from the pack

One way of achieving this differentiation is using bold lettering or other devices that the advertising medium supplies. This costs more but I have always found it to be money well spent for these reasons.

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