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* Your car stands out from the others

* Anybody reading an ad in bold knows you have paid more for it. They reason that you are not desperate for money. Someone who is not desperate for money is considered to be more honest and also easier to deal with. The perceived value of your vehicle rises.

I have tried to explain the phenomenon as best I can but I can vouch that it works. If you are trying to cut costs cut them somewhere else, not in your advertising budget.

* If you are wondering what will happen if everyone uses bold lettering: Donít worry - they donít Ė a lot of people have the idea that they are saving money by reducing advertising costs.

It is possible to waste money on advertising but if you have located a good advertising medium then using bold letters or other attention grabbing tools is often money well spent.

You should advertise well, in the quality sources that you uncovered in the research section.

It is not your purpose to get hundreds of calls. You should aim to get a good number of calls from qualified buyers

Here is an example of one of my advertisements. It is not an expensive advertisement but it was very effective.

Toyota Hilux 1995 Single Cab <=== Bold lettering. 2.4 L, Air Con, Power Steering Alloy Tray, Low Miles, Drives Like New. Ph. Graeme XXXX XXXX XXX

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