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XXX–456 $ 7200 GLEBE

Now this is a very simple advertisement but it contains all the information that someone who is looking for this type of car needs, plus a few features that he or she would find desirable.

The bold type attracts attention. There is no waffle. My name builds credibility and trust. And the car really did drive like a new car.

I received a lot of calls from qualified buyers but I sold it to the first one who called for $7200. I will cover how I did that in the next chapter, but right now I want you to get the concept that advertising is not difficult – it’s function is to get qualified buyers to call you.

If this car were an automatic transmission type I would definitely mention it.

Nuts and Bolts of Advertising – lets get down to fundamentals

What you want to do is.

1) Get Attention 2) Identify the car 3) Mention 1 or 2 unique features 4) Provide Price and Contact Details.

And that is all you want to do for a classified ad.

And some more advertising points:

Keep it real

If you are going to mention a special feature of your car or positive characteristic – make sure it is real.

Keep in mind that the buyer sees your ad. He may forget what was in it when he comes to see the car – somewhere in the back of his mind he will remember.

If your advertisement reflects the actuality of your vehicle it will build trust and credibility and you are more likely to get an offer.

It is ok to paint a rosy picture because this is what is expected but there must be a link to reality otherwise you will lose credibility.

Never over exaggerate in your ad or flagrantly mislead, as it is a big time waster.

Keep it simple

Bear in mind that the bulk of your ideal buyers will not be technical experts. So don’t use unnecessary technical terminology unless it is vital to differentiate your car.

Using terms that they don’t understand will confuse them instantly and interrupt their natural buying process.

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