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Use Online Advertising As Well

Donít limit your advertising to classifieds. Use online advertising as well. This gives you wider exposure. As I mentioned earlier some people will never buy on the net. But also there are those now Ė and this number is growing Ė that buy everything on the net. So donít leave this source out.

Methods of writing online advertisements vary according to the site. Usually help is provided for the particular site that you use.

The benefit of Online Advertising

Online advertising gives you the ability to edit your advertisement at any time.

This can be useful if you need to change the price or advertising copy.

With online advertising you usually have more flexibility and space.

* Use the additional space to mention more benefits but just enough to show your car in itís best light Ė donít over sell it here. You still are only aiming for telephone inquiries.

* You can include pictures.

* Use a digital camera to take photographs of your car. You can then upload these to the site. Just take the car itself with no people in it.

* Take as many photographs as required to show your car in its best light.

You usually have a lot more space to write advertising copy.

* Mention all the features your car has and any special characteristics.

* Check for spelling mistakes because with online advertising you have full control over your advertisement.

Ebay Motors has its own pages explaining how to sell on Ebay. I wonít rehash it here because itís just as easy to read from the source. One thing with Ebay is that it is an online auction site.

You must provide comprehensive information or you will get very few bids. In the case of Ebay Motors you absolutely must take enough photographs to give a good representation of the car.

Think like the buyer

When he looks at the photos will he be clear enough about what he sees to make a bid.

Online advertisers by Country


United States

A good way it to find other online seller sources is to do a Google search and type in: sell my car (your country)

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