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Now that you have advertised you should soon start to get some calls as soon as your ad hits the media.

Its not just a matter of making a time to see the car.

* This is a turning point and where you start to locate your buyer.

A lot of the time I can tell that the person is going to buy my car even before he comes to see it.


You can look at this step as pre-selling. If you do a good job here you will have buyers who are warmed to your car before they arrive.

Which leads me to the purpose of the appointment stage.

Purpose: The purpose of the appointment step is to pre-sell the customer on the car and yourself

Secondary Purpose: To make a time for him to see the car.

What do I mean by pre-sell? I mean giving the buyer his chance to pick you out of the bunch as someone he wants to deal with.

You only need to be slightly more friendly, on the ball and helpful to win him over. You can bet that the average person selling a car is completely unprepared.

I know because I have bought cars from them. If they are not rude they are certainly off-putting. You have to drag the information out of them even if they have a perfectly good vehicle for sale.

The little bit of thought you put into your presentation is time well spent.

Here is an example of one of my calls

* My purpose is only to get the person to come and see my car. * I want him to be qualified which means that my car is something he may want not necessarily that he has enough money. If someone wants something they usually find the money.

* I dont want to say anything on the phone that will reduce or minimize my final selling price.

* I want to know his needs and wants and communicate to him that my car will satisfy them. If you can manage to do this you have virtually secured an offer (when he comes to see it.)

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