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The buyer has found your car and has some slight hope that this might be the car that he is looking for. The hope is only very slight. What you are going to do is increase that hope until he asks to come and see your car.

Let him ask; and he will if you do this properly.

He is going to telephone you and ask you some questions. He is mainly not listening to the answers to these questions.

He is listening to you and your tone of voice. He is feeling your voice and getting an impression of the car through the way you communicate to him. He is looking for chinks or glitches that show whether you are:

* Honest / Dishonest

* Open / Cagey

* Responsible / Irresponsible

* Look after your possessions / Treat them badly

* Are desperate to sell / Merely doing a transaction because you have something better.

He will also be listening to the information you give him but this is of secondary importance. If he likes the way you conduct yourself AND he likes your answers then you have almost certainly found a buyer.

Buyers have a sixth sense

Buyers have a sixth sense – a BS meter – a funny feeling – what ever you want to call it. I have no trouble at all selling cars. I don’t really even consider that I sell them. I just people to buy it by doing everything right. Their sixth sense can work for you if you are giving them good value. They won’t get into a lot of detail and will just buy your car. This is beautiful when it happens. If you are trying to rip them off it can definitely work against you.

Create a positive impression from the first phone call

Now if you do this well – you will create such an impression in the mind of the buyer – that he will come and buy your car even though there is a newer one at a lower price. He won’t trust that lower priced car – he will trust your car and he may be right – you will never know.

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