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Be interested in the buyer not his money

When you get a telephone call be interested and open. It is not the time to start acting cagily or even think about negotiating. Your purpose is just to get the person to come and see the car.

Say your name Ė this makes you more real.

Volunteer information

Donít wait for the person to drag the information out of you. Volunteer all the basic information about the vehicle. If you canít remember it, have it on a piece of paper. Donít talk about price. This shows him that you are open and not cagey. If he has to pump you for the basic info on your car it looks like you are hiding something.

If he has any more questions I answer them. The buyer usually appreciates it. The information may already be in your advertisement buy by going over it again you are confirming in his mind that it is real. He may have been looking at other cars and it will also remind him of your car.

He will appreciate your helpfulness.

Donít sound desperate for him to see your car Ė ham it up the other way.

He will usually ask to make a time to see it. Do not act too keenly for him to come. I often tell the buyer something like after 7:30 pm, which is my dinnertime. Or it will have to be after 5pm because someone is coming to look at it at 4pm. This makes it seem more desirable and will increase the persons perception of the value. People rightly or wrongly follow the pack to some degree.

Never Discuss Price

Avoid discussing price over the phone. Buyers will sometimes ask you what is your lowest price. Never answer this question. Donít be afraid to waste the buyer rather than state a price before he has seen the car. Instead turn it around and start asking him about himself and his needs. Is he looking for this type of car?

How has he been going in his search? You will find that he starts communicating to you information so you can understand what problems he is trying to solve by purchasing your car. By asking him open questions his interest may come up and he will want to see your car.

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