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Before the buyer arrives

There is a bit of preparation you may need to do before the buyer arrives. Firstly you will want to make sure you are there on time. You should make sure you are groomed appropriately Ė unless you are a rock star Ė donít turn up with a three-day growth. The only point here is to show that you take car of your appearance.

How you do that is up to you but it is important that there are no signs that you are careless or overly lazy. The buyer may assume that you havenít looked after your car either.

That being said -wearing a suit when your buyer is a tradesman is not going to help him identify with you. So try to figure out what type of buyer it is and dress appropriately.

Itís better to let the buyer see you in your relaxed home attire because that is the most natural thing you could do. After all you are not in an office or car showroom.

Check over your car quickly again

Youíve already prepared it for sale but it is amazing how often a bird will do its business on your windshield the day you are going to sell it. Give it a once over for anything like this and take care of it. You donít want any nasty surprises.

Get all the paperwork to hand - ready to sell it

You donít want to be running around hunting in cupboards for forms whilst the buyer is waiting to buy your car. Also get the keys.

Be prepared to answer typical questions

The buyer will ask you typical questions such as:

How long have you had it? Why are you selling it? Is there any thing wrong with it that you know about? When was it last serviced?

You should prepare answers to these before he arrives. You want the answer to be appropriate and show the car in itís best light.

For example Ė Why are you selling it? Because itís old and it might start becoming expensive to repair may be true Ė but itís not a good answer. You donít know this for a fact.

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