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A better answer would be that we are now in a position to afford a new model.

This statement does not take away from the value of the car you are selling at a lower price – that is how you should think about all the answers that you prepare.

It is better that you think of your own ones - rather than I give you answers for everything because it will sound more natural and also I can’t possibly compute all the different questions that will be asked.

What to do when the buyer arrives

Ok, so the potential buyer has arrived.

Shake his hand and introduce yourself – don’t leave these finer points out because they add up to trust.

Take him to the car

Show him to where the car is. Be ready to answer his questions - as he will often shoot these out occasionally. Just be up front but let the car do the talking. He will go and look at the things he knows he needs to check. He will usually want to check under the hood, so make sure you know how to open it.

Don’t try to distract the buyer from looking

Let the potential buyer look at anything he wants. Allow him the space to do this. Try not to distract him with attempted sales babble. Let him put as much attention as he wants on the car. Just because he is looking at a fault – don’t worry – it is a used car after all. Don’t try to explain it away or justify it.

The buyer will often think to himself – “Well, I can get that fixed” if you allow him to. If you try to explain it away – it will only make the fault stand out more.

Let the buyer build a relationship with the vehicle by touching it, inspecting it, driving it. If you distract him it is very annoying and you are harming the sales process. Keep all your conversation on the track of helping him get more familiarity with your car.

He will start to feel like he owns it already – this is what you want.

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