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Three categories of buyers

Buyers have different personalities and do different things. They are not totally predictable. That’s why you need to stay alert and interested the whole time you are with the buyer. You are less likely to be stumbling for words.

There is the buyer who comes alone and doesn’t try a hard-nose tactics. There is one who comes alone and does and then the one who brings a friend. The friend is an “expert”. This buyer has brought him along because he thinks he will get a better negotiating edge.

All 3 buyers are there for the same reason – to find a car that meets their particular needs and wants.

Don’t be tempted to over sell the more gentle buyer

Treat him with respect and respect his intelligence.

He may be gentler and less forbidding but he is not stupid always. The angry and aggressive ones tend to be more stupid. Remember he is still there for the same reason.

To find a car that meets his particular needs and wants!

Forget about your need to sell him the car. Let him discover or point him gently in the direction of seeing that your car is what he wants. To do this most effectively you need to find out what it is he wants.

Your car may have many great features. It may have an awesome CD player but if the buyer is interested in reliability – then this is what you talk about. Tell a story that shows it is has been a reliable car. Show him a mechanical check report. Remember – painting a rosy picture is OK, outright lying is discouraged.

The potential buyer may do all sorts of things here but he will usually start checking the car as best he knows how. He may have brought an “expert” friend with him.

What you are looking for is buying signals? He will usually not say he wants to buy it until the very end when he has asked you a lot of questions and thoroughly checked it out.

Don’t explain away faults. Don’t try to pass yourself of as a mechanic if you are not one. Let him look at it. Anything positive he says about it - agree with him. Anything negative - just ignore it. He will usually be talking to himself. Don’t get personal about the car.

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