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Picture selling a car like a column. Research is the base of the column. If you leave this step out you are opening yourself up to the possibility of failure and desperation so donít skip it. Omitting this step is the most common mistake people make.

They usually rush in and advertise the car immediately, in the wrong place, for too much, or for too little money and wonder why they end up selling it too cheaply - out of desperation.

The purposes of research are to:

* Know your carís identifying details, itís features and condition

* Have a realistic idea about your cars actual worth

* Reduce your advertising costs

* Increase your calls from prospective buyers

* Sell your car for more money

* Increase the QUALITY of inquiries.

* Protect yourself from hard-nosed buyers and scam artists

* Give yourself CONFIDENCE that you will achieve your sale price

You see how vital it is - if you do this step properly will help you in each later part of the sale. The power to sell your car is generated here. Itís not at the final stages when you are demonstrating it.

If you do your research you can be confident that you are setting the price correctly for the best result you can achieve.

The worst people to listen to for pricing are car dealers.

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