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Handling the aggressive and hard-nosed buyer

Remember one thing. Youíve got the car! If heís making you any sort of offer Ė he wants it. Donít bother defending your car against anything he says. Let him finish his criticism. Find out what his needs and wants are at some appropriate point. This is the main thing you should find out. Iíll cover how to negotiate with someone like this in the negotiating chapter.

Tell a story

Try to tell a story about how you used the car and where you went. It doesnít matter what you say. Itís good to provide some sort of picture for the buyer of you and the car. He will be listening, not just to the story but also to your emotions as you tell the story. It may be a 2-line story Ė such as

ďI drove it up the coast 2 weeks ago to my sisterís wedding and it didnít use a drop of oil. Itís a real hassle putting oil in cars Ė so I was happy with thatĒ

I put a little bit of personal information in Ė my sisterís wedding Ė it shows I have family and connections. It just adds more humanity to me Ė so he can identify with me better.

Donít just randomly come out with stories. Try to introduce them at appropriate times so it just seems to follow the flow of the conversation or is appropriate to what is going on in the environment.

Put your car into his mind as a solution to his particular needs

He may want a car to drive his family around comfortably. Tell him your car is reliable and it was great for the family. For example that you are purchasing a new model because you got a raise Ė not because this one is too old. You are not lying here Ė just presenting things in the best light.

Donít remind the buyer that it is a used car.

Let him feel good about his purchase

Avoid negative comments.

Follow the flow of the conversation.

This is the key to not being a salesperson Ė donít just introduce random comments. If you want to say something to him about a particular aspect try to ask him a question.

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