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You want as much information about his needs and wants as possible – remember though you are just guys so make all this seem casual.

If you manage to get some pearls you can often know he will buy your car.

Identify with the buyer

One of your strongest weapons is that the buyer is already just like you – a householder. He is not expecting to see some slick salesman in a suit. The more you can identify with him the better. Let him see you in your natural environment. Let him see you being friendly to your wife – your friend.

If he brings his wife or girlfriend with him

Engage her in conversation – don’t ignore her. Let her get to know you. It is incredible how much power she has so don’t underestimate it. Don’t over do this either to the point of arousing jealously – just a bit of light chitchat. It is perhaps a generality but often the female will be responsible for the “emotional” assessment. She will be most interested in the cleanliness of the car.

Don’t ignore anyone he brings with him

Always greet each individual of the party that comes along. If you leave one out – he will be the one who comes up with the negative comments.

This chapter is perhaps a bit random but as I said before what goes on in this step is not entirely predictable. The best advice is to be prepared – if you have done the earlier steps in the book you should be. Using the information above where appropriate will see you arrive at the next step.

Lets do some negotiating – this is the fun part – well that’s what I think anyway.

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