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You can find out what this is by asking questions without discussing the price. The buyer if he is smart will never tell you how much he is willing to pay for your car. He tries to keep it a secret from you. But what he finds hard to keep secret is what he finds valuable. He will often give you clues about this or you can ask him questions about it.

Then what you need to do is:

Turn that value into a dollar figure. If this dollar figure is more than the price you want for your car then negotiating will be a breeze and you can hit the top figures. If it is lower than that you will need to get the buyer to see more value in the car. If you can’t do that then you can wait for another buyer who will put more value on your vehicle.

All right, if you have reached this stage you are very nearly done. It is now time to negotiate the price.

When you are negotiating the price I find the following things help give me a winning mental attitude.

Negotiating Mind Set

Don’t focus on the money – focus on value

Even though you are talking about money – don’t think about the money – focus on the value that the buyer is getting. Think about the vehicle itself and its value to the buyer. From you research you should know that your car has a certain value as compared to other cars. How much should he pay for this?

The reason for this is that if you think about the money you tend to forget about the car and start discounting too heavily. Focus on the value.

You are not being kind by selling your car cheaply

If you sell your car too cheaply you are not being kind. Selling a car is a game between two people. Each one wants a good deal – but basically each one wants the other one to have a good deal as well – deep down. 90% of people are decent. The best deal and the one you should be aiming for is where you are both happy. If you sell it too cheaply you won’t get this product.

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