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I have a lot of satisfaction from the car deals I have done. I can think of the buyer with friendliness and imagine them happy with my car. I also know they paid me a good price. I always aim for this type of result.

Have you ever gotten something before by mistake at a lower price? Imagine how you felt then. You don’t want your buyer to have this feeling.

The buyer will enjoy his purchase more if he pays a good price.

If he pays a good price he will enjoy his purchase more. Never say this too the potential buyer. Just have that as an attitude. It is a strange fact but it is true.

Be willing to waste the buyer if he won’t play your game.

You have advertised and done research. You confidently know the value of the vehicle. If you find a buyer is hard-nosed and tries “take it or leave it tactics” be totally willing to waste him. These guys are going to give you the most problems, be the most unreliable and give you the least satisfaction. Just be willing to waste them. Sure, get his offer and take his phone number and tell him you’ll call him back. Don’t be bullied – just waste them – politely.

Someone else will come along!

This is what he is trying to do – to make you feel that he is the only person that will buy your car. Turn the game around – put him on the back foot – take his number and tell him you’ll call him.

Now you have a firm bottom offer. Thanks Mr Hard Nose – you’ve just helped me sell my car to the ideal buyer. I’ve already got an offer – it’s only up from here. You can tell all future inquirers that you have already received an offer but you knocked it back because your car is worth more. You’ve only just advertised it and you are sure you will sell it. You don’t have to tell them how much the offer was for. This will make your car seem much more desirable.

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