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Why? Someone has already seen it. They were willing to offer money for it – it doesn’t matter how much – but it shows that they were willing to go to this step - which is a major step that some cars just don’t get too. Try this and see – it works like a charm.

Don’t react emotionally to negative comments

Never be tempted to act spitefully towards the potential buyer or be drawn into an argument. He will only react by making you wrong – the best way he can do that is to not buy your car or offer you a very low price. A person’s pride is worth way more than a car to him – always! People will die for their pride and often do.

If you can have compassion towards the buyer and the stress he is going through you will be more successful. You will stay in communication with him and not react emotionally.

The more you can understand his viewpoint the better you will be at playing this game. It is more important for you to understand his viewpoint than it is that he understands yours.

Project a confidence in your attitude and never display or show any reaction to anything negative he says.

Deal with all negative comments rationally by relating them to dollar figures.

Don’t be in a hurry to sell

You may be in a hurry to sell it but you should never let this be known. Monitor all your actions and comments and screen them for any sign of hurry. I even go so far as to say that I am not desperate to sell it. I am sure the right buyer will come along.

It works in reverse – the more in a hurry you are – the less the buyer will want it. The less of a hurry you are in – the more he will want it. Always have this as your attitude regardless of the real situation.

Identify your ideal buyer and look after him

I have mostly found when using this system that I get a certain type of person buy my car. I can usually tell they will buy it from the telephone call. They usually have an interest that comes across in their voice. You have a sense that they have already found the car they are looking for. Never let them know that you know this and don’t throw out any of the rules out of excitement – play the game just like before. But this is the guy you need to look after. He will find the money and work things out with you and it will be a good deal. Be helpful towards him while still keeping in all the rules. You will probably like him or her but don’t forget that if you sell it too cheaply you are doing him a disservice.

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