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Allow them to buy your car

Some people and it has happened to me before never actually decide that they are going to sell the car. If you haven’t made a firm decision to sell it then you will have trouble.

I had a car for sale for 2 weeks. It was a great car and it wasn’t selling. I realised that I had not really decided to sell it. As soon as I decided I sold it the next day.

This can show up in putting blocks in the sale process – such as not answering calls or just never being available.

Stay in communication with him. This negotiating phase can sometimes be drawn out.

You are now playing a game – you stay in the game by staying in communication. Play it to the end.


Know your lowest price but never reveal it ever.

Have in mind the lowest price you will accept and stick to it – but never reveal it to the potential buyer ever, ever ever.

Don’t be the first to mention a price

If he pushes you to mention your lowest price tell him that you have only just advertised it and you are not just going to let it go to the first person who comes around – you are confident that you will sell it and you are not in a hurry. The price is as you advertised it at this stage because your car is this, this and this – mention its benefits and why it’s a good deal. Make him work and keep him uncertain that you will sell it to him.

Don’t counter-offer at all if the offer is too low

If the buyer makes a really low offer politely decline it – do not counter-offer it. By doing so you give the impression that the car is junk. Tell him that this is just not in the ball-park. Point out the reasons why. Tell him that you will have no problem selling it etc. Remind him of the benefits. He should get back in the game at the right level. ONLY COUNTER-OFFER WHEN YOU ARE IN SIGHT OF YOUR DESIRED PRICE

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