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Keep repeating the cycle until it gets to where you want to go

He makes you an offer and it is usually less than what you want. Acknowledge the offer and give him further reasons or the same ones even about its value Ė maybe he didnít get it the first time. You want him to make you another offer. If you stay firm it often will get him to bid up to a higher price that you will accept.

Have back up

Use back up material for negotiation Ė such as a Carfax report or other report that verifies its title or condition. This can help finalize the sale. Donít be afraid of allowing a mechanic to check the car over. As long as it doesnít stop you selling the car to someone else. Be willing to remind the buyer of the benefits that he saw in the car.

If he offers you the price you want Ė donít accept it straight away.

If he does offer you the price you want Ė donít accept it straight away. The reason for this is to lock the deal in more tightly. Make him work more. Ask for more money Ė unless of course it is the price you advertised it for Ė you canít really ask for more than that. If he wonít go any more then tell him that you have to ask your wife or girlfriend or business partner Ė maybe she will accept it if he pays in cash Ė go and ask her Ė and come back and tell him its ok. Asking your wife is just a game. Itís basically for the buyerís sake so he feels like he has got the best deal.

Shake hands

This still means something to most people and signifies an agreement. Donít leave it out.


Car is advertised at $ 9900. You want $9400 for it. Your lowest is $ 9000

Buyer: Whatís your lowest price?

Seller: Iíve only just advertised it. So I donít need to go much lower at this point. The price is $ 9900. You can understand that canít you?

Buyer: Yes I can. I brought cash with me to buy the car today but after looking at your car Iím not willing to pay more than $ 7000 for it. Take it or leave it.

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