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Seller: Thanks for your offer. Look Iíve got your number. Iíll have no problem selling it but Iíll give you a call in a week or so if Iíve still got it, all right?

Buyer: Look, itís just what Iím looking for but I only have $ 8000 with me now. I can get another $1000 tomorrow.

Seller: Iíll need to talk it over with my wife, if you can give me a moment. We feel like it is worth a bit more than that. (Make them sweat a little - after all he tried a hard-nose tactic)

(Seller comes back)

Seller: Ok, she agreed but only if you pay cash. You will need to leave a deposit because I have someone coming to look at it tonight.

Buyer: Ok, will $200 be enough.

Seller: Yes thatís fine. By the way Ė what time will you be picking it up?

Buyer: Should be tomorrow around 9am

Seller: Ok, great. See you then.

In this case the buyer tried a hard-nose tactic. He was only bluffing and you called his bluff by wasting him. He really did want the car. Notice how he changes his attitude. You communicated its value while you were wasting him and his next offer was in the money. This worked out nicely. You use the check with your wife technique to lock it in and build value quickly and the deal is done. Now this is nice and simple and it will work out that way if you apply this material.

As always Ė be polite, friendly and interested. Try to think in terms of solutions. Help the buyer overcome his obstacles to paying the price you want.

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