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Hard Hitting Fact:

* Dealers make money from your lack of knowledge and play on your desperation.

Here is a real life example of my own:

I had a Hyundai that I was selling. A car dealer called me from my ad and told me he had the cash to buy my vehicle. I took it around to him. (I do this sometimes just to see what sort of story they tell me). When I arrived, I was treated to this routine:

* “The used car market is terrible” * “There is no demand for your model – if it had the other body shape it would be fine.” * “I bought one of these 1 month ago and I lost money on it”

But because he knew I was in a tough spot, he would try to help me out. He offered me $1500. He was very convincing and I actually “felt” like I should just sell him the car. But you know what, I walked out of there. The next day, I had a call from a fellow who wanted to see my car – I sold it to him for $3500 and he was very happy.

Result: I received $2000 over the dealer’s offer from a happy buyer. So by all means, show your car to as many dealers as you want, but take what they say with a pinch of salt. I will explain later how you can use dealers to help you sell your car – but you don’t sell it to them.

Lets get down to some research!

Step 1 – What have you got

Get out a blank piece of paper and write the following:

* Make * Model * Year and month of manufacture – you can often find this in the engine bay * Body type – e.g. sedan or estate, convertible * Exterior colour * Interior colours * Options list – e.g. sunroof, air conditioning * Custom modifications * Engine capacity * Transmission type * Odometer reading * Fuel type used – e.g. petrol, diesel

Don’t get bogged down in detail

There comes a point where the information is useless – you are going to use this information to sell your car not to become a mechanic.

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