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The final touches:

Almost done! Ok, you have got the money in your hot little hand. You’ve counted it twice and it is all there. You’ve done the paperwork and you’ve checked it over. Now is the time to hand over the keys. Just quickly run over this final checklist mentally before you hand them over.

Check that:

* You have removed your things from the glove box

* You have removed all CDs and tapes

* You have not left any personal tools in the spare tyre area

* You have found all the keys to your car

* You have the buyer’s telephone number just in case.

* You have removed all other personal possessions – it pays to check under the seats because often you will find money, watches and all sorts of things that have fallen down there. Don’t blame me if you find your mobile phone that you lost 6 months ago. If you can pull up the rear seat and have a look under there as well.


Now you can give the buyer the keys.

Make sure you stay friendly. Shake their hand. If you think you got a good price don’t gloat – your attitude should be that this is the buyer’s moment. Let him feel good about his purchase. He is the one who has gotten a bargain.

Don’t try to sell it at again at this point. It can make him doubt his purchase.

Anytime he says something positive about his decision make sure you agree with him and at least acknowledge it. This is very important because it will help him to feel better about his choice.

If he says something nice about you – thank him – these are all good signs that you have done a good job and applied the material in this book.

Say farewell and don’t wish him good luck – he hopes he won’t need luck.

Go inside and have your win. You’ve done it.

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