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Easy Detailing Tips that can add hundreds to your sale price

How to get more and sell it more quickly:

One of the main influences on the price you get is the visual that the potential buyer gets when he or she inspects your car. I have prepared these tips so it puts your car in the best shape for sale.

You will find that if you do these things where necessary you will be able to: 1) Get more for your car 2) Sell it much more quickly

Worth doing? Absolutely!

Well lets go!

The Engine

The best place to start of with is the engine. The reason being is that cleaning this can dirty the rest of the car. You want to do it in the right sequence.

The buyer always checks this. Hes looking for oil spills, leaks and other things but it the engine bay is dirty it creates a bad impression. A clean engine bay gives the impression that the car has had few mechanical problems and has been well looked after.

First off check all the belts, fluids such as brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant and spark plugs. Also check hoses to make sure there are no major cracks. Top up all the fluids as required.

Replace the spark plugs if they are corroded or heavily discoloured.

Change the oil if it has not been done for a while or is really dark.

Clean the engine bay by covering electrical components with foil and using a degreasing spray cleaner. Use a toothbrush to get into the really tight spots.

Check under the hood for any discoloration. (directly on top of the engine) Clean it up with degreaser.

When cleaning up the engine you need to go over it a few times sometimes to firstly remove the bulk deposits. And then again for the final finish.

IMPORTANT: Be thorough

You must do a thorough job. If you only clean a part it looks like you have just tried to clean the engine to sell the car and can give the wrong impression so if you are going to do this make sure you go all out.

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