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Next Step - you should do the EXTERIOR

Firstly attend to any repairs on the body.

Replace any blown bulbs or fuses. Pump up the tyres to the right level. Screw down anything that is hanging off.

If you have trims that are coming off Ė fix them on with some all-purpose glue.

Now clean it.

Hose down the body to get major grit and particles off the car. You donít want to be rubbing dirt into it that will scratch the paint. Then wash it. Donít apply any compounds to it such as wax yet.

Small scratches can be fixed with a cotton bud and some matching paint. Donít over do it Ė just enough to match the colour. Itís only for visual effect.

After you have done this you can let it dry and wax it. Be careful using orbital polishers as if you are inexperienced you can cause major paint damage.

A good wax can bring up a cars appearance remarkably. Make sure you donít forget the wheels. Apply some tyre black to make the tyres look their best.

Armorall is a great product for the exterior trim. It gives it a sheen. With armorall you need to put it on evenly.

Now finally you can do the interior

Firstly you vacuum everything including the trunk.

Then work on the rest of the interior in a systematic fashion. Products you will need are armorall, a heavy duty carpet cleaner and carpet shampoo.

Clean the dash and the vinyl trim with the armorall. Use it on all plastic components.

Get stains off the upholstery with the heavy-duty carpet cleaner.

Shampoo the carpets. This gets rid of a lot of smells as well. Which as I said in earlier in the book can be a reason someone wonít buy.

Use cutips to get dirt out of the air-conditioning vents if really filthy.

Old toothbrushes are useful for hard to get at spots.

Donít forget to wipe down inside the doorjambs. If it looks like the car is clean except for them it can look like a patch-up job Ė just not quality.

Clean the inside windows. Your windows should be very clean inside and out. The person test-driving your car may not consciously notice the dirty window but when he drives it he wonít feel right. On the other hand if your windows are clean and heís driving:

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