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This is not a full mechanical check. A lot of people, when buying a car will drive it and if it drives reasonably well, without any obvious problems then that is good enough for them.

I will cover what to do if you happen to get a buyer who finds 200 million mechanical faults later in the book

Make notes on anything obvious you find. Donít forget to write down good points as well

You are checking for signs of obvious wear or damage as well as cleanliness. You donít need to be a mechanic here but any knowledge you have is useful.

Get a mechanic to look over your car (optional)

It is a good idea if you do have a mechanic to get him to look over your car. If he gives it the thumbs up then it will boost your confidence in regard to your sale price.

Additionally he tells you there is a fault then you will know about it and wonít be surprised when a buyer points out your engine is falling off its mountings.

Great. Got that done. Now lets get down to some price research

Step 3 - Working out the price

These are the sources that will give you information and this is what you are doing at this point Ė just collecting information. It will all come together soon.

1) Dealer research: Take your car down to a dealer and ask him what he will give you. He will usually make you an offer of some sort. You can consider this your bottom price. A dealer will always offer you less than you can get privately in general. The only exception is if you have a major fault. The dealer may give you a better price than private sale because he can get it fixed more economically. This is not a hard and fast rule and it will depend on your circumstances.

If you can get some firm offers from 1 or 2 dealers it is a useful thing. Make a note of this price somewhere. You will improve on this price by selling it privately using the methods I show you in this book and by preparing your car for sale.

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