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Another benefit of this action is that you often pick up useful information for later on.

2) Online research: If you have Internet access - which you most likely do if you purchased my ebook - there are some excellent resources for valuing a car. I will list them here by country. Most of them give 2 or 3 prices – private sale price, retail price and trade-in price. The one you are interested in is the private sale price. The prices do vary sometimes depending on where you live. Some on line sources only go back 20 years so for earlier cars you will need to use other research methods. Definitely use these resources.

United States Kelly’s Blue Book

Australia The Red Book

If you are in another country do a Google search:

Type In: How much is my car worth [your country]

How to use online valuation services

By entering the details that you found in the first step you can get a price range for your vehicle. Use the automated menu in the site to enter your car and get a quote.

If you have extra options it is worth more. In general an automatic is worth more than a manual. A sunroof adds value. Options make your car easier to sell, not just because of the options but because:

They make your car stand out from the pack.

Now is a good time to start thinking about the ways your car is different – whether positive or negative – because it is the differences that often finalize the sale. Your paintwork may be especially good for its age. It may have no rust.

Just think about them for now. Let them brew in your mind – its all part of the preparation. I will go over this in more detail later in the book.

Buyers buy benefits not features!

Also start to think about each feature your car has and turn it into a BENEFIT.

* Power steering is a feature – “My wife can easily park the car.” - is a benefit * Air conditioning – feature. Its benefit: “My kids are comfortable in summer.” 3) Classifieds research – this is another vital way to gauge the optimum sale price of your vehicle. Online selling of vehicles is still in its infancy. There is a large percentage of the market that will NEVER sell their car online. They just don’t trust the Internet, they don’t know how. There are numerous reasons, so you just can’t ignore the printed classifieds.

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