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There are too many classifieds around for me to even start listing them. The one I use is called The Weekly Trading Post. In my city it is the number one place that people buy and sell cars. Your city will probably have a similar publication.

Finding the best classifieds

Stick with a local publication in your area. You should ask around Ė donít listen to advertising because some classifieds are simply not value for money.

You may think that the big expensive paper is the place to go because they have the most readers. Itís not necessarily true.

You want to find the classifieds where most people buy and sell cars. Avoid super specialized publications. Where does the average Joe go when he wants to sell his car? This is the question you need to get an answer for. Your friends and colleagues are a good source because if they know about it then itís more likely to be established.

There is no such thing as the perfect classifieds

It is what you do with it that counts. So donít sweat it. Just make sure you get the one where most people buy and sell cars.

Now find your vehicle

Someone will usually be selling one like it or similar. What is the price? If you can find others like it make a list of all the prices. Look at the top price and the bottom price Ė see if you can see why they are different. Work out an average price.

I usually find that the top price is someone charging an unrealistic amount or a dealer. Most of the private sellers will be in the next price range down.

You can usually ignore the bottom priced car Ė there is a reason it is so low Ė so donít let it affect your confidence.

You can charge a higher price if you advertise correctly - provided your car is a complete and tidy unit.

Pick up the phone

Now pick up the telephone and call the top priced car and get him to tell you about the car. Ask him why it priced so high? Listen to his approach. Thank him for his time. You donít need to tell him you are selling one if you donít want to.

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