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* You will pick up valuable information. You may find that your car is equally as good as his.

* You may also need to refine your research because you realised there is another model that you didnít know about.

* All you are aiming to do here is get more familiarity with the market for your car and listen to how other people sell. When a buyer comes to see you will know much, much more than him.

Now do the same thing with the bottom priced car. And then pick one from the middle range and call him. Do the same thing?

Now this might seem like extra work Ė but itís a few phone calls and doing these few extra calls has stopped me making mistakes as well as made me hundreds, if not thousands of extra dollars. You can also do this online by email with an online buyer.

How to know when you have finished researching

You will start to get a feel for the market for your car and notice a feeling of familiarity for your cars particular market grow within you. Keep in mind you should keep your ear out for anything to do with your car during this whole period.

4) Online car reviews Ė you should also read online reviews of your car. The reason for this is that you sometimes find out that your vehicle was:

* The Car of the Year or had some special benefit that was highly desirable.

* It also can point out common faults for your vehicle. If your vehicle doesnít have that particular fault then you just jumped to the head of the pack.

* Having this information will make you an expert in the eye of the buyer. Also if you come across a buyer who is an expert you will be less likely to fall for any hard-nosed tactics he tries to use and you will be able to relax. I want you to be prepared.

Here are some links for online reviews:

United States


If these do not have your car go to:

Type in your cars: make model year review

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