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Sell Your Car Fast - (Article)

How To Sell Your Car Fast


Sometimes financial circumstances push us to to ask, "How do I sell my car quickly?"

The first thing I recommend is that you stop.

Selling your car quickly is possible. I will buy your BMW for $50 but I don't think you would be happy.

Now you may want to sell your car fast:

1) To raise cash for another venture
2) To quickly buy another car that you want
3) To pay debts

So the first thing you should do is stop and assess the situation.

Why? Because the desire to sell your car fast is the sure road to getting a crap price. Desperation is the killer of your price. Sometimes you won't even be able to give your car away if someone senses you are desperate.

Do this exercise. Go for a walk. Walk around the block and look at the trees, the birds and a few people. This will help to calm you down.

Then come back and look at the situation again.

Is there another way I can handle the debt, such as getting a part-time job etc.?

Do I really need this other car or whatever right now?

Can I raise funds some other way?

If the answer is no and you definitely still need to sell your car fast, then you have to act as if you are not desperate to sell it, in order to sell it. It kind of works in reverse.

I cover this in a fair bit of detail in my car selling guide - The 90 Minute Car Salesman.

There is no real way to sell your car fast for a great price other than doing the standard actions properly. There is no such thing as a quick fix. 

Take a look at your situation honestly and see what it is about it that you are not facing and you will soon see a solution.

I hope this helps. Yes sometimes life is tough. But sell your car like you have all the time in the world and you will sell it faster and get a good price.


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