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How To Sell Your Car Free


I am going to cover selling your car free.

Now, I'm not saying it's impossible at all. There are a few obvious ways you can do it. 

Firstly, make a sign and stick it in your car window. Pretty simple, heh? People may see it and make you an offer. Make sure you make the phone number big enough and write enough detail so that the prospect will have enough info to want to call. The problem with this is that it may take time - but it's worth a shot.

The second way to sell your car for free is to tell everyone you know that you have a nice car for sale - don't act desperate - just mention it casually to your contacts.

Another channel you can use to sell your car free is to put notices up at your workplace, the local deli or anywhere they allow you to.

If you just want to get rid of it at any price then take it to a car dealer and they will pay you much less than you can sell it privately. ..not recommended - read my car selling guide instead and you can sell it yourself for heaps more.

An even worse idea is to sell it to a scrap dealer - the very last resort. Well that should put the scale of where to sell your car free in perspective.

How about online classifieds? Is it any good selling it for free on these? Look, it comes down to this - it's not whether it's free or not - it's whether anybody buys cars from the site that counts. 

You could be saving $10-$20 and get no offers and still not sell it in 2 months. That's not the ideal scene.

However, if you know how to sell your car you will realize that you are better off spending even up to $100 to reach a good range of buyers. 

The ideal scene is that you have LOTS of inquiries. This has remarkable effects on your confidence when selling your car - which will lead to a higher price. Don't forget you still need to negotiate - how much better will you feel if you are sure there will be another inquiry. 

That's about as straight as I can tell it. 


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